Exercising consistently during a hot-girl-summer was hard.

Actually work out this fall. Keep having fun, but now also feel great.

Be empowered to exercise so exercise can empower you.

Get text message accountability from Ilse. Make the most of this season.

Kk. Who is Ilse?

Hey, I’m Ilse 👋 . Let’s be clear, I’m no fitness influencer. I live in NYC and lead marketing strategy for a handful of sport startups.

I built HeyyIlse because it turns out I’m not the only one sick of penalizing myself for missing a work out, struggling to prioritize exercise alongside work, and feeling like I am never exercising enough — all of you are too.

I believe fundamentally that everybody has the time and ability to exercise consistently and enjoy it, we just need support from a real person — not technology — and to take an individual approach, not one that works for women we watch on Instagram.

This is why HeyyIlse is centered on relatable accountability & making a series of small lifestyle changes that amount to something very powerful over time. You can think of me as your Accountability Friend in Chief.

Cool. How does this work?

1. Every Sunday, text with me and commit to when you’ll workout that week.

Plan a week, not a month, ahead — this’ll give you permission to workout more, or less, depending on what’s happening in your life. Never will you fall off the workout wagon for weeks at a time again.

2. Receive motivation throughout the week as I work out alongside you.

You’re not in this alone, I’ll text you with how my workouts are going — the good and the bad. This serves as a good reminder to make what you committed to happen. And, if you enjoy an unplanned late-night (bound to happen this fall) you can adjust your plan in real-time.

3. Build a routine that works for you.

Tap into habits to build your routine over a period of time so you feel confident, not overwhelmed. These small lifestyle changes will amount to something very powerful with time. Get ready to ignore the noise the fitness industry throws at us daily.

Join the 100s of women who text with me to exercise consistently.

Leave your info below & I'll text you shortly after. We'll start this Sunday.